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Open Source Project for network IP cameras and other devices

Open Network Camera

Many embedded IP Network devices, such as security cameras are based on Linux operating systems. However, all of these combine open and proprietary source and the result is that there are no standard camera implementations on which to build more sophisticated features.

A standard Linux platform for such cameras, preferably one that is openly available and modifiable, will enable developers of these devices to devote resources to enhancing their products, and the industry in general, rather than reinventing the basic features in a proprietary way. This is the argument that says 'a rising tide lifts all boats' and is the basis for this project.

The following aspects are addressed by this project;

  • Linux Platform: The most basic Linux modules will be used as the core for this project. It will therefore run on just about any Linux platform.
  • SIMPL modular architecture: The SIMPL object-messaging components will be used as the building blocks for this project to give it scalability, flexibility and robustness and is ideal for distributed systems development. It also supports mixed language development, including C, C++, PERL, Python, TCL, Java and potentially others.
  • Small web server: A web server such as lighttpd will be used to provide the web services and web UI interfaces.
  • Discovery: Well known discovery technologies, such as Avahi and UPnP will be supported.
  • Video4Linux2: THe standard Linux video driver interface.
  • Utilities: Well known utility modules, such as FFMPEG, as needed
  • Web UI and Web Services Interface: These will be developed based on common http and https technology. The interfaces developed by the project will be free and open. In addition, the project will support emulation of other existing interfaces and interfaces in devlopment by other standards groups to enable these devices to work with existing 3rd party network software applications and Internet services.

This project will be developed under the GNU Public License, version 3 although some of the modules may also be released under different licenses, at the discretion of their respective authors.

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